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Our approach to assisting families who have a child with cancer
is fast-moving so we can be there when they need assistance right away.

We know that when a child is diagnosed with cancer the child and
his or her families life is turned totally upside down.

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In a lot of cases one of the parents, or the single parent, has to stop working to care for their child.

This usually means a decrease in income if not a complete stop of money coming into the household.

Rocky Mountain Childhood Cancer FoundationBills pile up and stress increases as the parent tries to keep ahead of the bill collectors and still care for their sick child.

This is where the RMCCF steps in and helps the family with the burden of trying to make their monthly payments like the mortgage, electric bill, heat, car payment, gas, etc.

Our teams are trained to step in and make a decision and move quickly to help ease some of the financial stress that families find themselves in at this devastating time of their lives.

Your contributions and gifts are fueling our work to provide hope and comfort to families struggling with their child who has cancer here in the Denver area.

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Thanks for visiting our website. Please consider making a donation or joining our foundation today. Stay awesome, keep smiling and here’s wishing you have a wonderful day filled with miracles, hugs, love and all nice things.


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