The Many Gifts of Life

The Many Gifts Of Life“Life always brings what is best for us and guides us along our path; a path that always serves our highest good!”

I know some may have a hard time believing that statement, and yet as I look back over my life it has proven true every time.

There were times when I couldn’t see that it was for my highest good. It felt like everything was stacked against me and my world was in disorder and confusion.

I can look back at my own personal journey and see the events that seemed to go my way with ease, and those events that seemed to be counterproductive to my goals.

And yet there were “loving gifts” in all of those challenges and experiences.

My dear friends,

There may be times when you feel all alone, anxious and lacking any faith and wisdom. At these dark times in our life, it is important to rise above the noise and chatter of the world that is generated by our daily routine and challenges.

It can be difficult to walk away from the noise because we are so accustomed to it day in and day out.

However, when we quiet our minds and get away from the busy world and enter into our place of quiet inner wisdom…

It is much easier to see the gifts of life.

When we are quiet and listening to our heart, it is easy to see that life’s gifts come to us in many disguises.

Sometimes the gifts appear as roadblocks, blocking our goals and dreams and even bringing us pain and despair.

And yet, they’re actually doorways with opportunities that are opening to our greatest dreams and desires. It is a place to realize our true happiness, love and peace.

I invite you to try this exercise next time you feel burdened and weighted down. First, just accept the feelings and allow it to pass through you. Give it love and watch it leave. Then search for life’s gift in this experience and you will find the hidden treasures that will be helpful along your life’s journey.

Sometimes the gift can be to just allow the feeling to leave, give it love and allow it to pass through you; and then feel the peace in allowing and loving.

When You Are Troubled – Remember This…

Always know in your heart that we are all connected to a loving source that always wants to help us. These precious gifts help keep us on the right path towards love, peace, happiness and health.

All we need to do is believe and stay focused on what we want, and it will soon be brought into our current reality.

Now I see, that the book of my life is a love story. The good, the bad and the ugly. Everything is perfect, every outcome and obstacle is all perfect.

The wonderful part of this discovery is that my book and your book is not yet complete. When you take the time and see that all the gifts of life are about love and acceptance, life becomes more beautiful and much easier.

The gifts of life became so clear for the first time in my life, when I realized that the love you give away, the unconditional pure, love that you show to others, will expand and grow in the world.

This love will always stay with you; to give away again.

Look within yourself to find your happiness.

It has always been there waiting for you to get quiet to hear its soft whisper of peace and love.

Look within your heart and share your love with our kids, they need you. They need your love and support. You can make a difference in a families life who has a child dealing with cancer.

Get quiet, take a deep breath and listen to the whisper in your heart.

The Truth Is…

The clarity of your voice will speak to you in the silence.

As Oprah said, “Take responsibility for the energy you bring into this space!”

When you bring love…you get more love back.

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